Fabulous Under $50-Housewarming Gift

14 Jul

As a first time home-buyer I have been glued to the computer searching for the perfect accessories to complete the long renovation. So it is only fitting that today’s Fabulous Under $50 is geared toward the new homeowner. This housewarming gift can be tweaked for a specific theme or receivers taste. I chose an “Italian” theme because the items to fill the basket would be less expensive and easy to find.

The Gift Basket: The gift basket is replaced with a stainless steel pot. I found an inexpensive pot on the Ikea website. I filled the basket with all the things a person would need for dinner from the pasta and sauce to the dish gloves and dish towels. I suggest adding crinkle paper or tissue to the bottom to add height, wrapping this gift in clear cellophane and tying it with a raffia bow.

Here are a few ideas to help fill the gift basket/pot.

{Pot, $12.99, Ikea,Dish Gloves, $14.00 Dish Towel, $4.98(on sale!), Wooden Spoon, $9.00;Francesca’s Collections, Pasta, $4.99, Sauce, $3.49 The Fresh Market


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