Marshmallow Milkshakes!

22 Jul

I came across a recipe on Cupcakes and Cashmere-a fashion/lifestyle blog and had to share.

I served the recipe below with a few minor adjustments after dinner and received rave reviews. It was simple to make and I only spent about $5.00 on ingredients. I suggest serving it in chilled glasses with bright wide straws. If you want to add a little glitz, serve the shake in a tall martini or wine glass.

Toasted Marshmallow Shake

3 scoops vanilla ice cream {I used Breyer’s Vanilla}

1 tablespoon whole milk {Substituted with fat free}

I large dollop of plain yogurt {I used one large dollop of vanilla yogurt}

5 Kraft Jumbo Jet-Puffed marshmallows

3-5 ice cubes (optional)

1 teaspoon vanilla (optional)

Whipped cream {I used Cool Whip}

For the adult version. Try adding a shot or two of dark rum.

1) Toast marshmallows under a broiler, or, if you’re frisky, over a flame until they just start to blacken evenly (the trick is to make sure it’s evenly toasted and dark, but not turned to charcoal).

2) Put the milk, yogurt, and then ice cream in the blender. Blend carefully, just until you get a “donut”—when you see the shake holding to the sides of the blender with a hollow core.

3) Add three of the toasted marshmallows to the blender, and whirl it just until they’re all broken up and distributed evenly.

4) Pour shake into a glass, top with a dollop of whipped cream, break the last two marshmallows on top, and serve with an extra-wide straw.

5) Repeat if necessary!

{Recipe, Image}


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