Will you be my Bridesmaid?

29 Sep

Asking Bribing a friend to be your bridesmaid.

I am going to be a bridesmaid for the first time this November and what I thought would be a simple task has been nothing short of stressful.  I thought I just had to show up, wear a dress, pose for pictures, and be on my merry way.  Apparently, that is not how it works. I have to plan a bridal shower, put together an extravagant bachelorette bash, and pay for who ever decides to dine and dash

Cookie Tag: everyprettydetail@gmail.com for details

With my newfound knowledge and a wedding to plan of my own, I researched different tactics to pop the bridesmaid question and I decided to bribe my friends with sugary confections. Who can say no to a fabulous well thought-out dessert? 

I found a great website that customized bridesmaid cookies with each girls name; I made sure to glam it up with wrapping paper and a bow and handed them out when they least expected it at my engagement party. 


One by one I rounded up the girls and handed them their treat and I watched as they ripped the perfectly wrapped paper to unveil their delicacy. To my surprise the first thing out of each person’s mouth was not “Yes!” instead they asked how I knew which cookie went to whom without looking.

So, my planning had some kinks but they were very surprised and in the end they all said yes.  The cookies were a huge hit and it added a little panache to asking the bridesmaid question. Being a bridesmaid is a lot of work and the little details make a difference.  

Here are a few other ideas to help pop the question:

Sugar-free delights: Bubbles and Beauties is a Ft. Lauderdale based company that specializes in guilt free desserts.  You can have the custom cupcake bath bombs delivered to each girls home or hand them out during an afternoon lunch.


 Sealed with a kiss: Send each friend a card that she can keep for years to come. Create your own or purchase one online.  Kelly Kathryn Designs

Who, What, Wear: An embellished tank top with the simple word “bridesmaid” can have a huge impact.  Make a tank-top or t-shirt yourself or buy one online or in a store. 


{For information on the “will you be my bridesmaid”gift tags please email everyprettydetail@gmail.com for details}



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